eCommerce solution for all types of business. It’s completely versatile and allows you to sell digital products, services and even subscriptions.


Why use LemonStand?

LemonStand is the eCommerce solution for all types of business whether you’re selling wine or Dog IDs! It’s completely versatile and allows you to sell digital products, services and even subscriptions! With simple WYSIWYG editing, you can bring your store alive despite your technical abilities.

When you choose LemonStand, you won’t have to worry about keeping it fresh. You’ll get free updates. These updates won’t overwrite your information or break your store, so don’t worry. Give your store some zest with LemonStand!

Eliminate the pips with LemonStand’s easy to use product management tools. You’ll have full control over your inventory, arrange categories that appear on your page, and control how your images are displayed.

Don’t let your customers go sour, with LemonStand you can customise your checkout. You choose the steps in the checkout process as well. Keep your customers coming back with LemonStand’s marketing and promotional tools. Draw your customers in with LemonStand’s email templates and powerful discount and coupon options.

That’s not all, LemonStand also features tables that let you perform real-time calculations on shipping rates and more! You can even check the progress of your online store with LemonStand’s reporting and comprehensive analytic tools. With a click of a button, you can visualise your revenues and popular products with line and bar graphs.

LemonStand Key Features

  • Highly customizable design and theme tools
  • Easy to use interface and flexible configuration tools
  • Flexible products and pricing
  • Built-in subscription sales engine
  • Built-in eCommerce CMS and Blog
  • Integrate with 100+ tools and 95+ payment gateways including eWAY
  • Scalable cloud hosted platform with support and maintenance included

LemonStand eWAY payments setup guide

  1. Click the Business Settings > Payment Methods menu item
  2. Search for eWAY from the list of Available Payment Gateways
  3. Click the Add Gateway button for eWAY when found
  4. Look for the Credentials section at the bottom right of the configuration screen to enter your eWAY API Key and Password
  5. Complete all additional needed configuration – for further information see LemonStand’s help documentation on payment method setup and the eWAY gateway

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