Storbie is the ecommerce platform for independent retailers to help small businesses succeed online and be different, together.



Why use Storbie?


Storbie is one of New Zealand’s leading ecommerce platforms. There are over 100,000 products, over a quarter of a million unique monthly visits and many millions of dollars’ worth of transactions processed across Storbie customers’ sites. Businesses can create and manage a successful online store or marketplace website without any technical skills, and shops and marketplaces seamlessly update with new features so you can focus on what’s important – selling.

Storbie is the online store and marketplace builder which doesn’t leave retailers standing alone. Individual shops can forge their own identity online, and also optionally cluster together into marketplaces that share a common cause, category or geographic brand to maximise their discovery, customer loyalty and business growth. With Storbie you can be different together.

It’s fast and simple to set up an online store with Storbie – no technical skills are required. Create a professional and powerful online store and start selling in no time.

The Storbie platform is constantly evolving with new features which you get access to automatically, ensuring you stay at the cutting edge of ecommerce technology. Rather than using pre-defined skins which quickly out-date and pose technical problems when you want to evolve your shop, the Storbie system allows you to create your own brand identity, and add and edit content easily and whenever you wish.

If you need assistance, our unbeatable Support Team are on hand to answer your questions via email.

Storbie installation guide

Simply sign up to eWAY and then enter your eWAY credentials in the Storbie payment methods settings area.

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