We started in 1998 with a vision of making online payments effortless and still that promise rings true today.

Our journey to redefine online payments

From day dot, Eway has gone from strength to strength — celebrating a number of noteworthy milestones.  Let’s run you through some of the highlights (indulge us).

  • We celebrated our first billion dollars in transactions processed in 2010 — and celebrated doubling our team to 40 incredible humans a year later.
  • Our first office in Canberra opened in 2012 — the same year we reached 10,000 customers!
  • By 2014 Eway hit a 24% market share — a testament to all the hard work in making payments simple, secure and seamless.
  • We did the first Apple Pay transaction in Australia — back in 2015 when Apple was still quite new.

Sydney Morning Herald Snippet

Excerpt from an online article published in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2015. 

  • We built an anti-fraud program within a couple of weeks — because there was a trade show coming up. And look how far that’s come now.
  • We eventually evolved into a payment facilitator — where initially, there was a lengthy two-step process. You’d have to get a merchant account set-up with one of the Australian banks before you could get an Eway account. The bank usually took 2-6 weeks (with all the follow-ups and back and forth) to get anywhere. We then evolved to be the payment facilitator, without the need to send our merchants to the banks. It might have taken 15 years, but we finally became the sole point of contact. We were able to do the risk assessment in the background ourselves, which is a better end customer experience.
  • We became part of the leading payments network, Global Payments Inc. in 2016 — just two years shy from celebrating 20 years in payments.

A team like no other

From humble beginnings working out of the home of our Founder, to now employing more than 310 payments experts, delivering payment solutions for more than 28,000 merchants, across five countries.

In spite of our growth and expansion, Eway is still the same company at heart. Powered by a passionate team who are driven by common goals and beliefs.

Our focus on people — our team, our customers and our partners – make us who we are 💛

We build, lead and collaborate with each other, our customers and our partners.

Our drive and spirit has led us to reimagine how we want to tell our story. After all — the world is changing, payments are evolving and we should too.

We pride ourselves on being honest, helpful and human. We’re open about what we do and how we can help your business. We’re your collaborative partner and ally helping you navigate online payments — backed by genuine assistance from our local support team.

A new logo, new imagery, new website comes together as a way to express who we are and to symbolise our momentum, energy and humanity.

This is Eway, reimagined

Meet the new Eway elements

Every meticulous detail of our brand refresh has been designed with purpose. Here’s the thing, most of the brands in our industry look tech savvy. True to our culture and vision at Eway, it was time we brought some human savvy into the picture.

Here’s the reasoning behind it all.

Our Master Logo + Tagline

Designed to reflect our open, human personality. It’s expressive yet, quietly understated. Our happy cart icon is a nod to the focus we have on creating effortless payment systems to ensure a smooth checkout process for the end customer.

Our logo


Our Typography

Why Eway instead of eWAY?

We have changed the way we write “Eway” to be more sentence case. We’d hate to think you thought we were yelling at you.

Customer imagery with a pop of yellow

Our imagery will be getting a spruce up too — whether it’s using imagery of our own merchants and their customers, or decent stock imagery. Things are going to get much brighter around here.


So, whaddya think?

We hope you love our new brand look as much as we do. The Eway story is less a tech story, rather one of business potential and people potential, and we’re proud of that.

But for now, that’s it from us! Time to get back to doing what we do best: Making online payments effortless.

P.S Who votes we should get this cute happy cart icon normalised as an emoji?

Shopping cart icon

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