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Responsive Shared Page

Want a professional and secure payment page that automatically adapts the screen to look great on any device, including mobile and tablets?

With the eWAY’s Responsive Shared Page, you customise the secure payment page with smart templates and beautiful designs to boost your sales.

Increase your customers’ checkout confidence by ensuring your payment page looks and feels the same on every device.

Responsive Shared Page eWay logo

Responsive Shared Page Will Benefit Your Business By:

  • Providing a professional payment experience that looks and feels the same across multiple devices.
  • Eliminating concerns about safety and security on your website. 

Find out more about how the Responsive Shared Page works.


Important information – PCI-DSS Compliance:

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a program that all participants in the payment value chain are required to comply with. This means merchants taking card payments are required to complete a questionnaire about their security practices.

To use this API outside of a PCI compliant SaaS application you must complete the SAQ – A form.

To understand more about PCI compliance, cybersecurity and data protection, visit The Merchant Trust Initiative.

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