Transparent Redirect

With eWAY’s Transparent Redirect your customer remains on your website throughout the entire checkout process.

Customers will remain on your branded payment page and transmit their credit card data directly from their browser to eWAY’s secure payment platform, bypassing your servers entirely.

Transparent Redirect reduces your PCI-DSS requirements whilst still allowing a customisable checkout experience.

Transparent Redirect eWay logo

Transparent Redirect Will Benefit Your Business By:

  • Keeping customers on your branded website page throughout the payment process.
  • Maintaining a consistent brand and checkout experience.

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PCI DSS Review of the eWAY API

Important Information

As of January 2015, The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has implemented new Data Security Standards (DSS) which require merchants taking card payments to complete a questionnaire about their security practices. To use this API outside of a PCI compliant SaaS application you must complete the SAQ  A-EP form.

For more information please view our page on the PCI-DSS SAQ forms and speak with your website developer and/or website host. You can also chat with eWAY Customer Support Heroes if you are unsure about which form you should complete.

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